Monday, August 2, 2010

to continue homeschooling or not

Hi all. Summer is going well. But it has left me with some wondering about homeschooling the children still. We chose to home school because when we moved out west here Catholic school was much higher tuition then back in New York (like over a $1000 a month more) and we felt we just couldn't swing it at the time. So we found a place that provided Catholic Curriculum actually the same the children had been using at St Marys'. We love the program, the books and everything about it. Now comes the but; I volunteered at our Churches VBS and of course it has a Catholic school on the campus with the church. I guess I got to thinking maybe we should consider sending them there in the fall. As my dh and I contemplate this I have come to realize I love homeschooling the children and have done it successfully for quite awhile now and ours that have graduated are successful in their lives, got accepted into college, received scholarships. So I guess this is just me trying to figure out why I feel the girls need to go. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we contemplate what to do.


wisemama03 said...

I pray that you do continue your adventures in homeschooling! I know times may be tough financially for your family, but please think of all the things that you have taught your children that no school could- things that they may have picked up watching you live life(and living your life for God), and how much more you will be closer as a family if you continue to homeschool! I'm not saying that you can't still be close, but..there's a differnce.
I'm a single mother who, from time to time, looks at your blog and website. I can't say enough praise that, by reading blogs like yours of mothers(married or not) who have decided to homeschool until the end of highschool have pressed upon my own heart to homeschool!
Anyways, I do hope you continue to homeschool, but I will be praying for your family, to follow God's will for your family, regardless of where He leads. I pray that God will bless you and your family, for putting your life up on display via the web, and allowing some of into your world. Thank you, because you have been an inspiration to mothers like me, who thought that because of limited finances, that I couldn't be the woman God was calling me to be. Thank you!

ourblessingsourangels said...

Hi Wisemama03,
I just wanted to say Thank you. We have decided to continue to homeschool. This is our path and though sometimes I have doubts or concerns this is what God wants us to do for our children and our family.