Thursday, July 8, 2010


Summer is Here and we have many adventures ahead of us. As I plan our summer schedule I think back to the days with the older ones I have 4 now who no longer go on all our fun adventures as they have moved to older things to do in their lives. I never realized how nostalgic this time would be as I think about the fun times we had. I know I will have many fun times with our younger ones too. I am planning many nature adventure hikes , camping, day camps and so much more.

Summer time when I was a child was filled with camps and horseback riding and hiking and lots of other things. So as I plan a camping trip for each month this summer it makes me think back. As we just returned from our first one and it had many activities that were educational but fun. I now know that when I was younger even though I wasn't in school I was learning even though I didn't know it. I guess even as an adult you don't think about that until you are actually planning on a learning activity. I love the phrase "Homeschoolers the world is our classroom".

I would just like to say to all parents whether you home school or not get outside with your children there is so much to learn and they grow so fast.

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