Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our last school year together.

As we progress thru this year I am once again finding myself thinking about our final year of home schoolin with our 4th child. I always go thru this but I find myself wondering and hoping I have done all I can for Michael to be a success in life. He is strong willed and I know he knows his lessons well and is a hard worker. But still I cant help wonder did I do enough. I have been reflecting back on our learning adventure over these past 18 years, I say 18 because the lessons begin as soon as our blessings enter this world. I have watched him grow from a little boy to a young man. From needing all kinds of help and support to just knowing we are now there if he needs us. I have watched his dreams change over the years and as he enters adulthood I know deep down he is ready.

I guess I am just going to close today to say enjoy your children because they grow so fast and I know sometimes homeschooling is a challenge but if I could go back in time I wouldn't change a thing and would homeschool all over again. As our time with our children is short and homeschooling them gives us a chance to be with them a little more and know that when they enter the world as young adults we have helped prepare them for it.