Thursday, October 1, 2009

October news

As we enter Fall we have fell back into our routines with schooling full time (we do school work part time in the summer). Everything is going right along we are staying on schedule. This month we start the book it program again, We will be visiting the oldest apple tree, a pumpkin patch, apple press and the grist mill and a dentist office to see how all the neat things work.

We have started a really fun unit in science on weather. Which works out well as the girls also have a badge they can earn in their American Heritage girl group about weather.

We are learning about Columbus in History and all kinds of other things in our other classes.

Marissa is adding a little extra into her religion class because she will be celebrating her First Reconciliation. So we have chose to do the class at home. She will also be earning her religious medal in AHG.

Michael is still taking horticulture at a local school and he loves it. He only has a few classes that he needs to graduate this year. So he is usually done with his work early in the day.

Carissa is getting into her 1st grade routine she is a little headstrong so sometimes it is a challenge. But thankfully we have always had routines and she knows what is expected so she does it in a reasonable amount of time. She received a 100 on her first spelling test and was thrilled.:)

Larissa is doing well in her K work and we are getting ready to enroll her in a speech class. I guess my biggest fear of not wanting her labeled was the reason I hadn't done it. But I have taken her as far as I can without some help from a speech therapist. So we found a nice private speech therapist who seems really nice.

Tarissa Jean is only in prek but loves to have work to do when everyone else does. So we are working on shapes and colors right now.

So we are off to a great start.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!