Tuesday, September 8, 2009

happy September

Hi all,
How is everyone doing? Summer is over here and the chill is in the air, so we set out for another full school year. I cant help think of school years gone by just call me sentimental I guess.
Well, our curriculum is from Seton and we totally love it. We get alot of skeptism from some for our choice of books. But I have used others and we found this to best suit our childrens needs and ours as well. My dh and I joke this is old school curriculum and is what I was raised with. LOL. Our children have excelled in this curriculum. Our grades this year are a senior, a 2nd grader, a 1st grader, k and a pre k. our older dd has already left for her college classes and our oldest ds has just started on his roll as parenting a school age child also. Our wish for him is to have all the pleasure we have had over the years watching and helping in the development of a wonderous blessing from God.
Now for the month of September we will start out with a couple weeks of getting back in the full routine of school. We have set aside Wednesday afternoons this year to try something new and meet with other homeschoolers at a park for a pe class run by us parents of games and such. I approached some of the other parents about this when I discovered that some of their children hadn't played games that really require more than a couple children, I guess I had never thought about it because I have so many and there is always enough to play games.
This month our field trips will be to an apple orchard and to Oaks Park for their not back to school day.
Have a fun filled year.